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Thieves fall out when over a half million dollars goes missing after the daring and carefully planned robbery of the Los Angeles Coliseum during a football game, each one accusing the other of having the money.
A man McClain is tasked with planning the robbery of a sports coliseum after a big game. He recruits four men. They pull the job without a hitch. When they ponder on where to keep the money McClain suggests they leave it with Ellie, his girlfriend. When she is killed and the money is gone. Everyone wonders what happened. And they assume that McClain knows where the money is but he doesn't. They rough him up but McClain escapes and tries to find out what happened. He thinks the cop investigating the robbery and Ellie's death knows more than he is letting on.
Donald E Westlake&#39;s series of Parker novels (written under the pseudonym, Richard Stark) has been a rich source of material for filmmakers and the author&#39;s hard-boiled anti-hero has an appeal that seems to transcend time. Curiously, in most of the movies, Parker&#39;s name has been changed with him featuring as Walker in &quot;Point Blank&quot; (1967), Macklin in &quot;The Outfit&quot; (1973) and Porter in &quot;Payback&quot; (1999). In &quot;The Split&quot; he appears as McClain (Jim Brown), a professional thief who returns to L.A. after an absence of some years to work with his old friend Gladys (Julie Harris) in planning a major football stadium robbery.<br/><br/>With their plan formulated and Gladys providing the financial backing, McClain identifies some possible recruits for their gang and puts each one through a challenge to make sure that they have the skills required to carry out the heist successfully. Tough guy, Bert Clinger (Ernest Borgnine), getaway driver Harry Kifka (Jack Klugman), safe-cracker Marty Gough (Warren Oates) and hit-man Dave Negli (Donald Sutherland) all come up to standard and the robbery of the ticket money from a sold-out Rams game at the L.A. Coliseum is soon put into action.<br/><br/>The brilliantly-executed heist enables the gang to make off with more than $500,000 which McClain leaves with his ex-wife Ellie (Diahann Carroll). She agrees to keep the loot in her apartment and he intends to split the money between everyone in the gang on the following day. This arrangement hits an unforeseen problem when Ellie&#39;s lecherous landlord Herb Sutro (James Whitmore), tries to rape her, before killing her and stealing the money. Detective Lieutenant Walter Brill (Gene Hackman) soon deduces who&#39;d killed Ellie and after shooting Sutro takes the stolen money which he then keeps in his own possession.<br/><br/>None of the gang-members believe that the stolen money has simply disappeared and after having been subjected to some vicious treatment, McClain manages to escape and then co-operates with Brill on a violent course of action which enables them both to achieve their personal objectives.<br/><br/>The 1960s was a low-point in the history of film noir primarily because the style was not really compatible with the general optimism of that decade. &quot;The Split&quot; is one of the best noir offerings of the period because of its plot (which begins routinely but really comes to life in third act), its well-directed action sequences and Burnett Guffrey&#39;s wonderful cinematography. It also boasts a superb cast of actors who are all excellent individually and collectively.<br/><br/>Jim Brown&#39;s McClain is interesting because in the earlier parts of the movie he seems to be a natural leader with a quiet authority but his actions after he co-operates with Brill, bring out another aspect of his character which is both surprising and credible. Warren Oates provides the pick of the supporting performances, the high-point of which is a hilarious scene in a bar where he gets picked up by a prostitute. Quincy Jones&#39; score and the title song by Billy Preston are also enjoyable and very much in keeping with the time in which the story&#39;s set.
An underrated actioner from the Swinging Sixties, &#39;&#39;The Split&#39;&#39; boasts an incredible cast. Though former football great Jim Brown gets star billing, the meaty parts go to such reliable performers as Julie Harris, Ernest Borgnine, Jack Klugman,Gene Hackman, James Whitmore Warren Oates and Donald Sutherland. The story, about a well-planned and well-executed robbery (which takes place during a Football Game at the L.A Coliseum)is taut and mean.Hard-Bitten Harris and Career Criminal Brown hatch the plot, and it&#39;s up to him to round up a suitable group of thugs capable of pulling it off. And a nastier bunch has seldom been seen on screen. Donald Sutherland, in an early part as a psychopathic sadist, really makes his presence felt, as do Borgnine, Klugman and Oates (as usual.) As the leader of this group, Brown has a rather one note part. He&#39;s given little room for displaying anything much besides toughness. Diahann Carroll is wasted once again, as his ex-wife, who still loves him, and though she&#39;s the only &#39;&#39;good&#39;&#39; character in the story,she&#39;s supposedly tainted by her association with Brown. On the sidelines are seedy landlord Whitmore, and crooked cop Hackman. Both are excellent, but it&#39;s Julie Harris, successfully cast against type as the &#39;&#39;Brains&#39;&#39;behind the scheme, who comes close to stealing the picture.(And, considering the rest of the cast, that&#39;s no small achievement.)Still, Hooker Joyce Jameson gets the best line, when she tells prospective client Oates: &#39;&#39;If you catch anything from me, it WON&#39;T be a cold &#39;&#39;. Naturally, the real tension comes toward the end of the story, when the gang turn on each other, but until then, there&#39;s still plenty worth seeing.Yes, the &#39;&#39;Thieves Fall Out&#39;&#39; plot has been done before, but it&#39;s the twists and turns this movie takes that provide the excitement. Director Gordon Flemying maintains a brisk pace throughout, slowing down only for the obligatory &#39;&#39;love scenes&#39;&#39;.The photography is excellent, and the same goes for Quincy Jones moody score (available on cd). The other technical credits are equally fine. This month, the &#39;&#39;Warner Archives&#39;&#39; will release the film, for the first time on home video. The DVD will be in it&#39;s original Anamorphic (Panavision) Widescreen aspect ratio, and, judging from the sample clip provided, should look fine. Hopefully, the snappy Theatrical Trailer will be provided as well. As the ads for the film proclaimed: &#39;&#39;Watch what happens when it&#39;s time for &#39;&#39;The Split&#39;&#39;!.

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